Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My walkway made with mosaic stones I call my therapy stones.  There's something fulfilling about breaking something to create something new.  I guess we do that every time we cut into fabric and sew it back together.  I have to admit though holding a hammer and breaking ceramic tiles did service a need that summer.
Today is my Birthday.  I am just shy of 60.  Mom says I came just in time for dinner and she was happy Betty would have a little sister ( in reality they hoped for the little boy, but he came much later).  Pictures of Betty and I show two little waifs dressed in overalls who look like the Campbell Soup Kids of years ago.  I don't worry about the number of candles on the cake.  I celebrate each and every year.  I've lost friends to illness and feel not celebrating doesn't do them honor.  So today I celebrate another year to love, be loved, to create and be!  Happy Birthday to me!