Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Ihave the pleasure of being part of a mixed media group called " The Divine Stitchers of The Yoyo Sistahood", commonly called the "sistas".  We have been doing projects together since summer 2007 and the group has fluctuated as to members and participation.   Our first group piece was an adaptation of Virginia Houston's painting " A Kings Road Morning".  After receiving copyrite permission from the artist we proceeded to slice the painting into 9 slices, went our separate ways and returned a couple of months later with the slices which were put back together to represent the painting.  The result is shown above.

     Our next group project was a piece called "Let me introduce me"  We were given fabric packs which we had to use, and instructions which included use 6 words to describe yourself .  Both these group projects have been in the Canadian Quilters Magazine.
Summer 2009 had us doing a challenge called "Where the Wild Things Live".  Once again we had fabrics which had to be used and the wild things had to be hidden within the pieces.  The current project from summer 2010 hasn't been finished yet but was entitled " Four&Twenty Blackbirds" We were each given fabrics and a pie shaped outline for size.  Wait until you see it!