Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I do believe this is my first post of 2014.  Welcome to the new year!   Once again I am astounded by the passing of time and how little I seem to accomplish.  I know I should never compare myself to the long lists of accomplishments of others but one can't help wondering just how they do it.  Every year I promise myself I'll be more productive and organized.  A new year brings new promises.  This year I'll clean out my storage closets and cupboards.  After helping my Mom move this year I've decided the kindest thing I can do for my children is to clean out my junk!  I know I'll be looking for each and every piece of whatever the moment it has left my stash but I must be brave and hold to a higher purpose.  

Now that I have shared my new purpose with the world, I'd like to share some more journals made as Christmas gifts this past year.
Okay, I know it's not a journal but what a beautiful sunrise!
Back to business!
Two more Christmas gifts and one for me
 This one is for me.